MythX Pro Security Analysis Explained

By Bernhard Mueller | Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

MythX recently went live with a new Pro upgrade that offers more powerful analysis features than the free version. In this article I’ll explain how the new “full” analysis mode affects the performance of MythX.

MythX is a smart contract security service that integrates multiple analysis techniques. The MythX Pro plan comes with a new analysis mode called Full mode. In this mode, submitted contracts are subjected to a thorough fuzzing campaign and deep inspection using symbolic analysis. It discovers complex security issues and can be used for checking the correctness of smart contracts.


When you submit a smart contract to MythX, the analysis service spawns a number of workers that perform various analysis tasks in parallel. Each worker is given a maximum time budget it may spend on testing the code. The more computing time is available, the higher the coverage achieved by the analysis engine (at the cost of having to wait longer for the results).

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